Monthly archives:March 2018

  • This week, Trinity will observe two special services that will be both meaningful and important for us as a congregation to observe. Christian churches tend to celebrate Christmas much more than we do Easter, but Easter is the reason we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday on the “first day of th... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Luke 19: 28-39) On a spring day in the year 30 AD, two processions made their way into Jerusalem.  Not one, but two.  We know about one of them.  It was the beginning of the Jewish Passover; and every year Jerusalem’s population would swell to over double its size.  Think Upt... [read more]
  • Grace Lindvall (Matthew 20: 1-16) In the scripture reading we see these early morning vineyard workers envious of their less hard-working colleagues who receive equal treatment. “It’s not fair,” they cry out. And to be honest, it isn’t. I spent the last weekend in Washington, D.C. with my... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Isaiah 43: 1-4) Don't be afraid!  This is what your mother says when the power goes out in the worst part of the thunderstorm.  Your precious Big Bird night light, the one that stays on all night in the corner, is not working.  So you do what any four-year old would do under ... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Luke 2: 13-22) Friends, it is coming.  We get a taste in a couple of days with the ACC tournament - or as we Wake Forest fans prefer to call it, one last game of the season.  The real fun happens the following week.  The NCAA Tournament; 68 teams from all over the country, ev... [read more]
  • Grace Lindvall (Luke 12: 13-21) This morning we continue the sermon series which Steve began last week entitled, “Are You Prepared to Die?” The question this sermon series poses is not concerned with human mortality so much as it is concerned with the things or attitudes in our lives which w... [read more]