Monthly archives:May 2018

  • Steve Lindsley (Acts 2: 42-47) The church is/has been changing.  From May 20 through June, Steve and Grace are looking at the book of Acts and the early church to discern things the church today can learn from the church back then.  Join us on the journey! *************** You may recal... [read more]
  • I want to introduce a new Mission and Outreach Ministry series on our Key Partners - the work they do and why it is important that we participate.Our church focuses on homelessness, education and hunger. Did you know this about hunger in North Carolina and Charlotte? 630,000 NC households do... [read more]
  • Sew 'N Sews was founded by Trinity member Eleanor McDonald and Betty Fledderman when they met at Crisis Assistance Ministry, recognizing the great need and setting about to answer that need. Trinity’s entire church staff hosted a luncheon for members of Sew 'N Sews on April 24th in recognition an... [read more]