A Celebration of Sew ‘N Sews

Sew ‘N Sews was founded by Trinity member Eleanor McDonald and Betty Fledderman when they met at Crisis Assistance Ministry, recognizing the great need and setting about to answer that need.

Trinity’s entire church staff hosted a luncheon for members of Sew ‘N Sews on April 24th in recognition and in honor of their service. A delicious cake was served, handwritten thank you notes from Weekday School children were delivered and a framed photo of a spool of thread surrounded by the signatures of the Trinity staff was presented. The members present spoke of “the enjoyment of being part of helping people, of being part of something bigger than themselves, and of the fellowship they shared each week.” And they expressed “much gratitude” to Trinity for providing Sew ‘N Sews with a home for 42 years.

A commemorative plaque now hangs in the Heritage Room that reads as follows:

With deepest gratitude to the faithful ladies of Sew ‘N Sews
for their 42 years of ministry to the community.
Given April 2018 by Trinity Presbyterian Church