Capital Campaign Update – Rally Day

The Capital Campaign Construction Committee (CCCC) thought it would be helpful to review the intent and scope of the capital campaign and provide an update on the various projects.

The next section is from Dr. Cockrill’s August 2013 letter to the congregation (with a few updates):

What is the purpose of this campaign?

Trinity’s ministry is centered in and reaches out from buildings which are now about 60 years old. The main purpose of the campaign was to generate the first significant infusion of capital in many years for repair and updating of the buildings. We also want to re-fund the endowment and re-pay some of the money borrowed for previous repairs.

What specific repairs and improvements are included?

The Session has identified certain projects and ranked them in phases. The campaign generated sufficient pledges, over a three year period, to complete most of the requested items. For today we will focus on Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase I: Rework HVAC/chillers/air handlers, add new coils; replace rotten wood and repaint the front entry columns; exterior painting of sanctuary & steeple; new electronic HVAC control system; a campaign expense allowance; and endowment fund partial repayment of monies previously borrowed.  

Phase II: exterior painting of the Administration, Week Day School, Youth Center & Education Buildings; technology upgrades, including fellowship hall sound systems and wi-fi; building security upgrades including door hardware and card access system; interior renovations to Admin. Building; Youth Center upgrades including interior renovations; additional endowment fund repayment; and endowment loan interest (in the event additional funds are borrowed to cover cash flow during progress of work).

How were these projects identified?

The Session obtained input from all of our committees, suggesting items that were needed or would enhance their respective ministries. The Stewardship Committee, augmented with additional members from the Buildings and Grounds and Finance Committees, then made recommendations as to the ranking of these items. Some items were ranked higher because of their importance to the functioning of the church programs; others were also included as they were seen to have significant functional or quality of life benefits.

There has been a lot activity since we started our efforts in January! Our first action was to repay the endowment for the funds borrowed a couple of years ago to repair the air conditioning.


We are nearly complete with the air conditioning and heating system replacements. It is important to understand that the capital campaign did not include replacing the heating system. However when the heating system began requiring repeated expensive repairs to the 60 year old system to keep it working, the CCCC and Session wanted to ‘do it right’ and with the Congregation’s support used a combination of capital funds and financed the difference in replacement costs.   We expect this work will be completed in by October.

The fellowship hall sound system has been replaced and greatly improved the quality of the worship services this summer.

Painting of the sanctuary, steeple, and other buildings is expected to start in the next 30 days; as soon as the contractor finishes his current projects.

We are in final stages of a decision on repairing and repainting the front entry columns. A final decision will be made once we get the report from the structural engineer.

We have also started working on Phase 2 items.

We consolidated the painting of the weekday school building into one the sanctuary painting project in order to get the best price.

We accelerated the installation of the building security upgrades. We felt it was important to secure the weekday school building as soon as possible. The access control system has been selected and new door hardware installation will begin in the next couple of weeks.

We are also gathering quotes to add computer network infrastructure to the weekday school building in order to support their immediate needs.

Financial update

The congregation responded generously to the capital campaign with pledges of about $1.1M and we have received gifts of about $460,000. We are thankful for your love of Trinity and grateful for your sacrifice. That said, per the Session’s direction we have to ‘pay as we go’. Please consider this a gentle reminder that we need everyone to fulfill their capital campaign pledge so that we can continue this exciting work.

What’s next?

The next ‘big step’ is to work through the details of a technology plan and identify options for the building renovations. The CCCC understands the importance and visibility of these changes. We will continue to work closely with the Session, staff and the committee chairs.

We are honored to be chosen for this invigorating work. We ask for your prayers and support as we move into the next set of projects.

Yours In Christ,

The CCCC (Doug Bradley, Noel Humphreys, Hayden McMahon, Matt Smith, Claude Sanford, and Walter Reid)