Capital Campaign Update

On Sunday, May 31, 2015, Walter Reid, chair of the Capital Campaign Construction Ministry Team, shared an update after worship – highlighting all we’ve accomplished to date, laying out what’s yet to come, and thanking the congregation for their current and continued support (text of his comments below video).

Good morning. I am excited and thankful to be here today to give an update on where we are with the capital campaign construction activities. The theme for today is “celebration”…we want to take time and reflect on what we have accomplished together and talk about where we are going next.

As Dr. Cockrill expressed to us in August 2013, our capital improvement projects were prioritized into phases, based on committee input and Session approval. Hayden is passing out a summary sheet, so please make sure to get one.  Phase 1 includessummary sheet repair and renovate the air conditioning and paint the front entry columns, sanctuary and steeple.   Phase 2 is to paint the rest of the buildings; add technology and building security; and perform interior renovations. Phase 3 is about reconfiguring our parking and entranceway.

So let’s celebrate!

  • We celebrate…the cool air in the sanctuary! Last year at this time, we were just kicking off the renovation of the air conditioning.
  • We celebrate…that our weekday school students and church staff are safer because we have controlled access to our buildings.
  • We celebrate our contribution to making the world a greener place…our energy costs are down by almost 40% over this time last year.
  • We celebrate…that some projects are under budget but some are over budget but with the guidance of the session and the congregation’s support to “do it right”…we have found a way to keep moving forward.
  • We celebrate…that we have honored our commitment to repay the endowment.
  • We celebrate…the columns that have been repaired and repainted…well, almost.
  • And lastly, we celebrate…that our campus is more inviting to our neighbors…fresh paint does wonders!

This opportunity to celebrate would not have been possible without your support and for that we are thankful.

So now let’s turn to what’s next. As we started the work on Phase 2 and Phase 3 we reminded ourselves that we need to remain true to the input collected in the feasibility study, congregational comments, and capital campaign materials. We have expanded that thinking to include Trinity’s original vision and history. At our meetings, the committee reiterates this “guiding principle”….which is to make Trinity a comfortable and appealing place to gather as well as worship. To that end, we have a couple of exciting announcements:

  • With the session’s approval, we have hired an architect. The architect has been charged with designing the renovations of the administration building but also to develop a campus master plan. The intent is to help us consider both current and future needs so we can be good stewards of our financial resources. The design and engineering work will take several months. We expect to be ready to brief the Session in early fall.
  • The second important announcement is related to the columbarium project. Several members have expressed interest in a columbarium but frankly progress has been a challenge.   So, in concert with the Session and buildings and grounds committee, we will incorporate the design and planning of the columbarium into our go-forward planning.

We are excited about what has been accomplished but what the committee calls the “big stuff” is coming up and we need your support more than ever. I remain energized and excited to see what this congregation can do when it sets its mind to it. I will close by saying…on behalf of the CCCC, we are looking forward to the opportunity to make Trinity a wonderful place to both worship and gather.

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please come ask us!