Despite living in a society with so much technology designed to connect us, we are growing more disconnected. Studies show that people feel lonelier, more isolated, and more detached. Divisions in our nation and among the human race are deep. Some say this disconnect and divide are the greatest challenges of our society and of the church. We agree.

Those concerns framed our ministerial staff retreat as we considered how to prepare for 2020. We discussed what the new year may bring our church, our city and nation, and our world. We prayerfully pondered ways our congregation could intentionally CONNECT in three primary areas:

CONNECT with God
CONNECT with our church family
CONNECT with our neighbor

Simply being “in the same space” on Sunday mornings does not automatically connect us. Connection needs to be a more intentional, thoughtful act. We discussed how these connections might inform and enhance our ministries and programs, including worship, preaching, Christian Formation, mission and congregational life.

All of this bring us to our theme for 2020: ConnectTPC

You’ll hear us refer to ConnectTPC often and see the #ConnectTPC hashtag throughout the year. As you engage in the life of the church this year, we ask that you keep these three questions at the forefront of your mind:

How will this better connect me with God?
How will this better connect me with my fellow church family members?
How will this better connect me with my neighbor?

We invite you to commit to being guided by these three connection questions in 2020. Whereas some church commitments involve your money or time, ConnectTPC primarily involves the commitment of your heart. And that, we are convinced, will surely make all the difference.