Days of Discipleship

Trinity Family,

We have an exciting new opportunity for mission. As you may know, over the last three years we have engaged in a bi-annual “Day of Discipleship.” This year, your Mission and Outreach team is working to make this opportunity more engaging and of better service to our partner organizations! We will be moving from one “day of discipleship” to many “days of discipleship.”

The point and hope of this new effort is to better serve our partners’ needs, rather than to squeeze into a small timeframe one day a week. We hope this will also create flexibility for our church members.

Throughout the year, we will highlight our three key areas of mission: Education, Hunger, and Homelessness. For one month throughout the year, we will specifically focus on one of these areas. We will have special opportunities to serve with our partners, ways to pray for our partners, storytelling about experiences of service during worship, and educational facts online and in Weekly Word.

Our hope is that this new model for Days of Discipleship will allow our service to have a greater and deeper impact and inspire us all to greater service.

Our first series of Days of Discipleship will focus on Education. It begins on May 2, with a special opportunity to serve at Nations Ford Elementary School and will end on June 2 with a celebration picnic.

Click here to find several service opportunities. They include a special reading celebration, dinner with school families, campus improvements, and many more! Our prayer is that together our service will help build relationship between Nations Ford School and Trinity. Through our service, may we see and experience the joy and fellowship of the Risen Christ!


Your Mission and Outreach Ministry Team