Each year Presbytery sponsors the Outstanding Older Adult Award and encourages each church to nominate an individual. This year, Goldie Stribling is the recipient of the award from Trinity. A program to honor Goldie and recipients from other churches was held Thursday, May 8 at Sardis Presbyterian Church. This award recognizes those who have exemplified positive images of aging, personally and in the life of their congregation and community. By their example, they serve as role models to all the generations growing older with a sense of God’s grace.

Goldie Stribling is an educator who has used her talents and passion for children and their education within the church to serve our congregation and the Presbytery for countless years. She has dutifully served Trinity in numerous roles and positions. As a charter member of the church, she has seen the history of the church unfold and been a part of its evolution every step of the way. In her later years, Goldie has not let age deter her from continuing her service to the church, in her unique and original ways, to our members and youth.

As a children’s book specialist, working at the local book store, she has made a difference to countless children by sharing her love for books and reading. She let this passion guide her when asked to serve the Session as an Elder numerous times, making sure to take part in and chairing committees dedicated to Christian Education, Weekday School and Personnel.

This passion for reading and love for children has been evident across many of her roles in the church. She took it upon herself to help our Weekday School teachers by providing seminars on early childhood development and improving the quality of education we provide the young children entrusted to us. She made herself available to read stories to the children of the Vacation Bible School. She used her creativity and time to provide specially designed stars for the children on Christmas Eve. This list could continue on and on, as her contributions to our church cannot be recounted easily in a single page.

Goldie has provided us and our children with special and meaningful gifts whether it is reading and teaching our children or making them stars for an already special night. These types of efforts are small, and not done for attention, though it does not diminish their impact or value. She has been noted as the “Church Mouse”, quietly in the background spreading God’s love through her actions and deeds.