Trinity’s mission statement, adopted by session in 2014, seeks to answer some core questions that any church should address: Who is Trinity now, and what are we becoming? What is unique about our community of faith? What words and images best describe our past, present and future?

Our mission statement, which can be found on our website, reads as follows:

In the busyness of life on Providence,
we are a growing community of faith,
seeking to cultivate Christ’s hospitality.

We worship God, love each other, serve our neighbors
and the world beyond.

Welcoming and embracing all,
we will make a difference for the kingdom of heaven on earth
as the hands, feet and heart of our Lord!

At the same time we adopted a new “tagline” that encapsulated our mission statement: Growing Together, Welcoming All on Providence. In 2019, our Communications Ministry Team will begin onboarding a slightly revised and simplified version: Growing Together. Welcoming All. While Providence Road is where we are located, more and more the reach of our community of faith extends far beyond any physical address. Something to surely be grateful for as we begin a new year in ministry!

It’s not too late to sign up for the “On The Way” Spiritual Pilgrimage – head over to to get all the info. Join us on the journey!