Good Morning! My name is Laura Gutknecht and I was asked by the Stewardship Committee to give this month’s Impact Statement. Just as a refresher, the purpose of the Impact Statement is to find that moment where Trinity played a big part in your life and I feel honored to have been asked to give mine.

I have said for many years that what makes Trinity special are its people……and its little people. I have been a teacher at the Weekday School for years.

I am asked time and time again if I have ever had favorite kids. My answer…..absolutely! But all my kids are favorites…..there is a quality in each of them that will melt my heart in one way or another.

About a week before I was asked to make this statement I was asked, “Have you ever had a favorite class?” Wow. Loaded question. I didn’t answer right away but thought about it….and yes, I have had one. They were a truly special group of children because most of them were church kids! That year I spent with them was one I will never forget.

It was the time when I knew my dad’s health buy cialis was starting to wane. As hard as it was to come to class some days, the love of those kids kept me going. The concern and love from their parents was also appreciated in many ways. The school year went on and I had to let them move on to 3’s, but was still able to see them in the hallways and outside playing….which made me very happy.

The following spring my father died from cancer. While going through some mail one afternoon, I got a card. Not just any card, but a card from one of the children from that class. She told her mom she wanted to send one to me. While I had been trying my hardest to make an impact on her life, it was clear (and still is) that she made a big one in mine.

Like I said, the people in this church make it what it is, even if they are only 3 years old.