On a road named Providence is a place of worship and praise of the Triune God. The place, this place, is called Trinity. God enters into people here His Spirit and for them to have a deep concern for people’s needs.

For the needy family of Rod and Rhonda and Moria, here we will be given people who will add to our developmental process opportunity, and as we receive these people whom God has given us, we are thankful for and to the people whom God has given us. Here in this dwelling place we are to become things, and here is where we are to be approved. On becoming things, there is an orderly arrangement before servitude, and it is “…seek first the kingdom of God…” Next is thankfulness, and with people born of God, collectively we say, “Thanks be to God.” Thanks be to God is vocal here. It is a formal way of praise and worship, thankfulness is, and for the people whom God has given us, thankfulness is the mark of His Spirit. Courtesy of the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ, thanks be to God is to become our banner at home and away from home. Home. “There is no place like home,” and Trinity feels like home. Here at this place with these people of instruction and service, born of God, we listen and watch and witness attentively to the preacherman preach, the leaders lead, the faithful follow, and as the choir brings forth a joyful noise, confessions are made and we witness prayer and offering to and for the risen Christ.

Home. It feels like home here. Like home. It feels like home. It feels great to be here. Trinity is a place where family members gather for custom and habit and relationship. At Trinity I am impacted by beliefs, tradition and celebration. You know what I feel like being at Trinity? I feel like I’ve done something right, something good, something… something holy. That’s what it feels like to be here. It feels like home to me, to us. Trinity is us. “Us” has present and future overtones, and “us” is indeed collective. Home. That’s what it feels like here. It feels like home, and here I feel like I’m serving the Lord with gladness.

Thankfulness. In our developmental process, being given people, this most precious commodity, a place, this dwelling place, and thankfulness, this orderly arrangement, today, this day, we will go in peace and carry with us this message… “the Lord has done great things for us, wherefore we are glad.”

Rhonda McClain has served faithfully as our church’s seminary intern from September 2014 through April 2015. We will miss her greatly, but celebrate as she graduates from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte and begins a summer internship in Clinical Pastoral Education at CMC Main!