Minute for Stewardship 2019 – Henry Pickett

During our Fall Stewardship season, members of Trinity are sharing in worship what excites them about being at Trinity and what compels them to support the church with their annual pledge. Henry Pickett, a senior at Myers Park High School and an ordained elder on this year’s session, speaks to his lifelong ties to Trinity and why he and his family support the work and ministry of the church.


Steve: We continue in our Stewardship journey in October and our Minute for Stewardship in worship.  This Sunday it will be given by Henry Pickett, a senior in high school and an ordained member on our Session.  Henry, it occurs to me that you’re only the second youth to serve on our session and be ordained as an elder.  What has that been like?

Henry: It’s been an interesting experience for me, but I’ve enjoyed it.  Everyone has been great, and it’s been great hearing different perspectives and learning how the church operates.

Steve: Thank you for your leadership!  As I said earlier, you’re a senior and getting ready to graduate.  As you prepare to go elsewhere, what is about Trinity that means the most to you?

Henry: I would have to say that the people here are Trinity are what mean the most to me.  These people have been part of my life for the past seventeen years; and I’ll be sad to leave everyone behind when I go off to college.  But I know I’ll always be welcomed back here.

Steve: As you know, we’re in our fall Stewardship season.  What is it about our church that compels you and your family to support Trinity?

Henry: My family and I support pledged giving at Trinity because we love this church and all the people here.  We want to be able to be part of helping make Trinity thrive, and we want other families to have the same great experience here.