Minute for Stewardship – Steve Griffie

Our family began looking for our faith family in 2013.  Keep in mind, these were the pre-little ginger children days where we could sleep in and figure out how we would fill our day when we awoke!  But I began realizing I had finally started to grow up…at 45! We also had endured a tragedy that was life changing and we needed healing in the worst way.

We “interviewed” as many churches as one can imagine and at one point thought we may have found one but were not completely convinced. We had been attending this particular church off and on for maybe a year. You would think that would be enough time to land, so to speak, but the thing that was missing in all of that was, we were never embraced and we really needed embracing. So, one morning we decided we’d attend a service at Trinity. It was a beautiful day in February and boom…Thunderbolt City! Two months later we joined. We were welcomed like family, made to feel like we were needed as much as we needed them.

We Love Trinity. We love Outreach and feel this church is making strong moves in that direction with Phillip’s Academy and Weekday School, which benefit some of the less fortunate in our community and these programs really resonate with us. We love the example being made for our children. They’re hard to miss but the level of kindness exhibited to them is one of many things that keep us here. They are Trinity’s children as much as much as they are ours; so when we see a connection like Brent and Sarah have with the youth of this church, our decision to join and remain is galvanized.

As you can probably tell, our children are everything to us. They guide every decision we make and, perhaps subliminally, they’ve kept us firm in our support of Trinity particularly during this Stewardship season. Our church is transforming into something magical and unique – just look outside, at this structure built to honor God. It’s magnificent.

My work on Session is noticed by my son, which was part of the idea all along. He points out every time we ride by here.

“That’s our Church, Daddy!”

Yes son. It certainly is.