Minute for Stewardship – Caroline Reid

Our 2018 Stewardship season has begun!  Dedication Sunday will be on October 8th.  Thank you for prayerfully considering your pledge to the work of our church!


The theme for the stewardship committee this year is “Seeds to Branches.” As I began to think about the process of seeds growing into branches, I thought about the roots that must be formed. As the seeds grow, roots are formed, reaching deep into the ground, and then the branches begin to sprout. This thought rolled around in my head as I started to think about the roots that Trinity has helped me grow.

At Trinity, I have been given many seeds that have helped my roots become a strong, solid, faith foundation. One seed, or something that has impacted me in particular, has been Youth Group.

My roots in Trinity’s Youth began growing in middle school with the first day of youth group, and have since flourished. From the mission trip that I took in LA, that has continued to make an impact on my life, to the corn maze and laser tag every fall, and even the Sunday night dinners that I look forward to each week. As I’ve gotten older, these roots have become stronger and I am now beginning to grow my faith outward, into branches. I am now able to reach out and help impact others lives, especially youth. From the service work I’ve done with Trinity, to being a mentor to the younger kids, and now, as the first youth on session.

I am so thankful for the strong faith foundation that Youth Group, and Trinity, have given me. It has made it possible for me to start growing my branches and reach out while my roots continue to get develop and get stronger.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that make me want to give back to the church. I love everything that Trinity’s youth program has given me and I want to make sure it is possible that each child in this church gets to experience it, so that they can start to grow their own roots in faith and be given a chance to grow their branches outwards so that they can reach to touch others lives as well.