Minute for Stewardship – Fran Worthington

Our 2018 Stewardship season has begun!  Dedication Sunday will be on October 8th.  Thank you for prayerfully considering your pledge to the work of our church!


Good morning!

I am Fran Worthington and I’m a member of the Stewardship Ministry Team. I hope that you have received and read the Stewardship packet that was mailed to you last week. I also hope you saw our “trees” with all the leaves attached in both the Narthex and Cloister. If you have not added your leaves or did not bring your leaves contained in the packet, I urge you to do so at your earliest convenience. We are requesting that everyone sign their name and their favorite Trinity activity on a leaf and put it on the tree.

Our theme this year is “Seeds to Branches” and I would like to share with you some of the branches that have sprouted from my Trinity Seeds. I received my initial seed when a friend of mine introduced me to Chuck Worthington in 1984. Chuck invited me to visit Trinity and, when I first walked into this marvelous sanctuary, I heard a voice say “welcome home, Fran”. I experienced an incredible sense of awe and felt that I had finally found my church home. My seed sprouted and my first leaf appeared when I became a Trinity member in August of 1984.

My second leaf appeared when Chuck and I joined hands on these steps and Dr. Patrick pronounced us “husband and wife” on December 21, 1986!

Since that time, many, many leaves have appeared and my branches are filled to overflowing with the wonderful events I have experienced as I was ordained an elder, served on 3 Sessions and countless committees – now called ministry teams – and participated in so many wonderful activities – delivering Friendship Trays, attending our incredible Montreat weekends, taking communion to our home-bound members, singing in the choir, working in the volunteer office, participating in the Wednesday class and Trinity’s book club and so many other memorable activities. Another unexpected branch has been the welcome addition of Trinity members as my extended family. AND, I look forward to many, many more marvelous activities and memories in the years to come.

My purpose today is to urge you to recall all the marvelous leaves that have sprouted on your Trinity branches and to reflect on their value as you sign your leaves and bring your pledge cards to the alter on October 8.

Thank you.