Minute for Stewardship – Jeremy Mobley

Our 2018 Stewardship season has begun!  Dedication Sunday will be on October 8th.  Thank you for prayerfully considering your pledge to the work of our church!


This morning I have the honor of welcoming you to the 2018 Stewardship Campaign. A number of you have probably received a packet in the mail, for those that haven’t, you should expect one in the coming days. In this packet you will find the details behind our theme this year which is “Seeds to branches.” I promise I did not bribe Sarah Henry to mention gardening in her announcement today. There is no doubt as you walk around this campus and you see the massive trees and beautiful garden that you can see the power of a small seed being cultivated and turning into something amazing. If you think about all of the programs and things going on at Trinity you can see the power of the seeds of faith that you’ve sown that create great opportunities for the congregation and the community. And if you think about our smallest seeds down the hall you can see a great example how after years of faithful growth, they become a mature congregation that makes Trinity what it is today.

So when you receive your packets, in them, you will find leaves for your entire family. We ask that you think about the seeds you have seen planted here that have grown in you in meaningful ways. Think about the programs you love and all of the things about Trinity that make you give so joyfully. If its Church Services, Study groups, youth programs or Montreat, weekday school or all of the Mission opportunities, write those things down on the leaves, bring them back to Church and place them on the Trees you find placed in the Cloister and Narthex. You will find additional leaves at all of the tree locations and we encourage you to fill them up as we approach Dedication Sunday on October 8th.

For me personally, seeing the seeds of faith you have sown around mission and seeing that grown into something like Day of Discipleship where the entire congregation comes together to serve those in need has had an incredible impact on my family and is one of the many things we will be adding to the leaves.

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of serving as the liturgist while Grace was on a well earned vacation. After that service my family notified me, they claim lovingly, that for the Call to worship I didn’t ask you to stand, nor ask you to join me. Little did they know that if I only got one chance to ask you to join me in something, I wasn’t going to waste it on something like the call to worship, which you guys know so well. I was saving my ‘join me’ until today.

So today, I’m asking you to join me. Join me in prayerfully considering your financial pledge for 2018, join me today in stopping by the trees and adding those things that make Trinity so special to you. And finally, for those with children, please stop by the table in the Cloister and help your children decorate buckets after the service today. We will be planting flowers in these buckets and delivering them to the homebound members on dedication Sunday so we can make sure they know how important they are to us and how the seeds of faith they’ve sown for so many years helped make Trinity what it is today.