Trinity is proud to announce our new loop system for for worshippers in need of assisted hearing! Thanks to the generosity of donors who gave above and beyond their normal pledged giving, we were able to include this new technology as part of our A/V upgrades in the Sanctuary.

What is the loop system?
The loop system is an assisted-hearing system for those with hearing aids that integrates directly with the audio from our sound system. The actual “loop” is a flat metal wire affixed to the floor that encircles both sections of the main pews in front of the pulpit and lectern (not including the chapel, music area, or choir loft). You’ll notice it anchored down with gray vinyl tape.

How does it work?
In order to use the loop system, your hearing aids need to be equipped with t-coil technology. If you aren’t sure if your hearing aids have this, talk to your audiologist. All you need to do is sit in any pew on the pulpit or lectern side and activate the t-coil technology in your hearing aids. The sound system audio will connect directly to your hearing aids.

What if I don’t have hearing aids or t-coil technology?
We have six over-the-ear receivers and headphones in the narthex (very similar to the ones before) tied into the loop system audio. If you wish to bring your own headphones/earbuds to use with the receivers, you’re welcome to do so. When you use the receivers, you’ll get the best signal by holding it vertically instead of laying it flat. And don’t forget to turn the receivers off when you’re done.

What if I have questions about how this works with my hearing aids?
Please talk to your audiologist to get the best advice.