If Trinity’s Prayer Team had a motto, it could be: “No one walks alone.” This group of 17 church members spends countless minutes lifting people up in prayer weekly.

Debbie Fisher prays during a morning walk for those on the prayer list. Judith Parker prays their names out loud. Some write notes. Others make phone calls.

“It’s an affirmation of all of us being God’s hands and feet,” said Kathleen Schneider. Betty Anderson hopes the prayers give people strength by pointing them in the direction of God’s care. The comfort of knowing, added Susanne Sawyer, “that you’re on somebody’s mind.”

The need is growing. In one recent meeting, prayer team members spent an hour sharing updates. Prayer requests ranged from a church member facing surgery to families affected by cancer and Alzheimer’s. Of course, Covid-19 complicates it all.

The Prayer Team is changed by the virus, too. Their small, in-person meetings morphed into well-attended weekly Zoom calls They pray for those affected by social distancing and remote learning.

Trinity’s 2020 theme, ConnectTPC, focuses on the connection to God, neighbors and church family. The Prayer Team embodies that spirit in how its members care deeply and pray deeply. It’s bonded them to each other and to those they pray over. Anyone who would like to share a confidential prayer request can contact Rev. Rebecca Heilman, HERE.