Report from the Music Director Search Committee

Trinity’s Director of Music Search Committee has the following update regarding the search process to date (August 1, 2015).

Music Ministry Survey

After the Committee was initially formed in March, one of the first steps we took was to develop a Congregational Survey to better understand church members’ views about Trinity’s current music ministry. The survey was emailed in April to all members and hard copies were made available as well. The Committee was pleased to receive 112 completed surveys (target was 85-100), and by the Committee’s estimation, all age groups across the congregation were fairly represented. The Committee performed detailed analysis of the results, including analysis of the responses by age groups. A Summary Report was given to the Session at the May 17 Session Meeting. The main findings showed that, overall, the congregation likes Trinity’s current music program but is also open to some change. The results also showed that while there are some differences among age groups, they were not what we would identify as significant. The complete Summary Report of the survey analysis is available in the church office.

Steps taken after Survey Analysis was completed

In June, after the Summary Report of the survey was shared with Session, the Committee developed a job description using information from the survey and input from the Personnel Committee.

After Session approved the Job Description, the position was posed in mid-July on Trinity’s website, Charlotte Presbytery’s website, as well as several national professional music organization websites.

The job will remain posted through August 15; in late August/September, the Committee will review all applicants and hold interviews with selected candidates.

We hope to have good news soon – we will keep you posted!

Search Committee Members:  May Johnston, Chair; Donnie Bobbitt, David Hood, George Lampe, Reta Phifer, Carol Sugg.