Psalm 139, 1 Corinthians 12: 12-22, Galatians 3: 23-29, Matthew 5: 1-16

Prayer Stations are an interactive way to engage in prayer. Each station is focused on a certain aspect of prayer, perhaps a reflection on scripture, a certain prayer concern, or a part of our lives of faith. Several stations are often set up at once so that participants may weave between them and interact with prayer in different ways. Prayer stations engage those praying with different senses and opportunities for more directed prayer. They are a means for our minds to be stimulated in a creative way so that we may explore thoughts and prayers we may not have otherwise, while giving time for quiet reflection.

During the time traditionally set aside for the sermon, we will invite the congregation to participate in prayer stations set throughout the sanctuary. During that time meditative music will be played as we move throughout the prayer stations freely. Prayer stations set up on Sunday will be a way for all ages to interact in the worship service – all those present in worship are invited to participate! The service of worship will otherwise be quite similar to a traditional service of worship at Trinity.

While this is a bit different than our traditional service of worship, this will be a great opportunity for us as a congregation to join together in prayer and reflection. Just as Jesus went to the wilderness to pray, this is an opportunity for us to take additional time to pray for our lives, our community, and our world. Please consider taking this step together a bit out of our comfort zones so that God can stretch us and use us for God’s service and bless us with the power of the Holy Spirit present in our worship.