At its March 2023 meeting, Session unanimously approved a motion from us – the Worship Ministry Team – to move Sunday morning worship into the Fellowship Hall for all of June and July this summer. We’re excited about this and want to share more about this decision. Please read our FAQ below, and if you have any other questions please reach out to the Worship Ministry Team.

Why was this decision made to hold June/July worship in the Fellowship Hall instead of the Sanctuary?

For the past year, Sunday worship attendance has averaged 60-75 people during the school year. Historically, summer worship tends to drop off to half of that or even less. Having worship for 25-45 people in the smaller, more intimate Fellowship Hall makes more sense than in our large Sanctuary.

What time will worship be?

Worship will remain at 11 a.m.

What will the service look like?

The service will be the same as what we’re used to in the Sanctuary. Keith McNabb, our organist, will provide all worship music from the Fellowship Hall piano. Worshippers will be welcome to dress casually.

Who will be responsible for setting the space accordingly?

The Worship Ministry Team, in conjunction with Jodi King, our Sunday Assistant, will make sure that the space is ready for worship on Sunday mornings – including chairs, paraments, hymnals, etc. For those who need them, chairs with arms will be provided.

Will the service be broadcast?

While our broadcasting equipment is based in the Sanctuary, we’re exploring the possibility of a “stripped-down” approach in the Fellowship Hall that will allow us to continue broadcasting worship while also giving our tech ministry crew a much-needed break.

Will there be a nursery?

There will be a “prayground” set up in the front of the Fellowship Hall for families with young children who need to move while still being part of the worship service. The Worship Ministry Team is excited about offering a warm and welcoming place for our little ones! Click HERE to learn more about the prayground.

What if I have other questions?

Please see any member of the Worship Ministry Team – Caryl Stribling, Mike Campbell, Gina Nielsen, Mary Glenn, Debbie Thompson, or Steve Lindsley.