The Trinity Church Super Bowl Matchup!

The big game is coming! Everyone is excited about the Panthers trip to the Super Bowl on Feb. 7th. What a great time this is for our church and city!

John AndersonWhen the Panthers punched their ticket to Santa Clara this past Sunday evening, on a whim I did a Google search to see if there was a Trinity Presbyterian Church in Denver. Turns out there is – in Arvada, actually, a suburb of Denver. So I called the church and left a message for their minister, John Anderson. We talked the next day and agreed to a little friendly wager between the two Trinity Presbyterians of the Super Bowl cities. Here’s what we agreed the “losing church” would do:

  • Sends six bottles of their city’s spiciest BBQ sauce or Chili sauce to be used in preparing some food for the session.
  • Sends something sweet that is unique to their city to the session.
  • Staff takes a photo of themselves with a sign that says, “Congrats (name of winning team!)” and their church’s name and city, and posts it on their church’s Facebook page.
  • A donation is made to a benevolent organization in the winning church’s city (winning church selects the organization), to fulfill Jesus’ command to “bless those who persecute you.”

Of course, the great thing about this is that, no matter which team wins, neither church really “loses.” We’re connecting with another Presbyterian family that we’d otherwise never connect with. It’s a reminder that the “Church” is something much bigger than our own little gathering on Providence. As the old hymn reminds us, the ties sure do bind!

Church new look 2In the coming weeks, as you root our Panthers to certain victory and prepare to reap the rewards to come, I hope you’ll also take time to get to know our sister church in Denver. You can do so by checking out their website and visiting their Facebook page. Some quick facts to get you started:

  • Their membership is about half ours, right at 275 or so.
  • They have two worship services every Sunday morning – 9am and 10:35am.
  • They have what looks like a really cool concert series on the second Tuesday of every month, highlighting some of Denver’s professional musicians and artists.
  • Like our website, they post their sermons online (give ’em a listen!)
  • They have a neat ministry called “Neighborhood Tables” where they gather with members of their immediate neighborhood for good food and fellowship. It’s a really cool concept – check it out HERE.

Go Panthers – Keep Pounding!

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