This week, Trinity will observe two special services that will be both meaningful and important for us as a congregation to observe. Christian churches tend to celebrate Christmas much more than we do Easter, but Easter is the reason we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday on the “first day of the week.” Easter is central to our Christian worship and heritage—the death and resurrection are equally as important as His birth—and both are, of course, central tenets of our faith.

For Lent, some of us choose to give up something that means a great deal to us so that we can be more mindful of the sacrifice that the Lord made for us. During the passion week, the Lord asked his disciples: “Could ye not watch with me one brief hour?” With reference to giving of one’s time, the Lord asks his disciples if it is possible to put aside other needs and cares in order to focus on what is important.

As a congregation whose mission it is to proclaim the Lord’s death and resurrection throughout the year, Holy Week is the one time each year we have the opportunity to truly dedicate ourselves, as a body of believers, to metaphorically “watching with him one brief hour.” We want to encourage each of you to “watch with him” in our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services this week. It will obviously be a sacrifice for all of us to give up our usual cares and concerns to attend these services, but we believe that we will find these two meditative and instructive services of infinite spiritual value as we dedicate “one brief hour” to focus on the Last Supper, crucifixion, and burial of our Lord. Then, having internalized the Lord’s suffering, we will be able to rejoice all the more fully when we arrive at Trinity to celebrate the Easter Resurrection next Sunday.

Please gather with the congregation this week for our Maundy Thursday Seder Meal at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall and our Good Friday service at 7pm in the Sanctuary.  You can learn more about these services, as well as Easter morning, HERE.

Chris Gilliam

Director of Music