Trinity’s Friendship Garden is in bloom

This garden – which benefits Friendship Trays of Charlotte as well as the tables of the gardeners – donated a total of 164 lbs. of produce to Friendship Trays in 2012. As of August 1, Trinity has donated 149.5 lbs. of produce which puts us well on the way to far surpassing our total contribution of last year! This season we’ve harvested and donated potatoes, okra, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers. We are looking forward to our eggplant, cantaloupe and pumpkins coming in.

Amazingly, we’ve had very little evidence of animal/insect invasion and we use no chemical deterrents. Our resident bees are definitely doing their job! Did you know a single cucumber bloom must be visited 20 times by a bee before it produces ONE cucumber? The bees are a constant presence on all the blooms of the various plants – and the steady harvest proves it! Trinity is blessed with excellent soil, drainage and sun. What better use of these gifts than to supply our local meal delivery service? Trinity’s gardeners are doing their best to keep the pumpkin and cantaloupe vines within the tilled area but those vines are on the prowl – literally! With our perfect gardening environment, it’s a constant battle to keep them contained. If you have interest in being part of this thriving mission project, please contact Carol or Gary Sugg through the Church office.