We rejoice at the many exciting things happening outside with the construction of our new parking area and columbarium.  We want to let you know of other changes taking place inside our building as well.  Imagine pulling into our new parking lot when it’s completed and entering through our new front door.  This is what you’ll find:

Welcome Center

As you enter you’ll walk into our new Welcome Center (formerly Steve’s office).  To your left, you’ll be greeted by one of our wonderful volunteers, who will be relocated to this space.  To your right, you’ll find an open and inviting greeting area that will include new furniture and coffee – a great place to sit and socialize.  This area will also include a large-screen television displaying various announcements and scrolling pictures.  The Welcome Center will extend out into the hallway, where the walls have been repainted and new lights installed.

Heritage Room

You’ll find two exciting new additions down the east wing of our Administrative Building.  Room 113 is being converted to the “Heritage Room.” The Heritage Room will highlight our church’s rich history and enable new members, visitors, longtime members and friends of Trinity to engage Trinity’s history in a centralized location. This space will be kept open during business hours so all may enjoy it.

The beautiful historical panels that were created by David Hipp and Emily Walker have been moved to the Heritage Room and look wonderful in there.  Along with the historical panels, we also have some wonderful volunteers writing an accompanying history next to each panel. Additionally, we hope to include in the Heritage Room more historical pieces, such as pictures and descriptions of each of our banners and paraments. The Heritage Room has been painted for the first time in many years to help make this space more inviting, and each of the historical panels were restored before being re-hung.

We are looking forward to officially dedicating this space on February 4, 2018, which is being designated as Heritage Sunday.  This will be a day to celebrate our church’s rich history as we move forward into our future.  Currently we have a committee formed of representatives from Worship, Congregational Care and Communications Ministry Teams to plan this occasion.  Stay tuned!

New Toddler Nursery

If you walk across the hall from the Heritage Room, you’ll find not one but two nurseries.  Room 116 has been converted into a new Sunday school room for ages 2-4. Over the summer, we were able to paint, clean, and assemble toys to make this a fun and formative place for our young Trinity family. Moving from the “L” building to room 116 has allowed siblings to be closer together.  In addition, the baby nursery is right next door and has made it much easier for parents of young children to drop their children in Sunday School for the morning.

With this new move, we’ve also altered the Sunday School schedule for the young ones in our church family. Our Sunday morning schedule now allows for Sunday School to be taught with the larger group of 2-4 year olds during the worship hour. During the Sunday School hour ages 0-4 meet together with our permanent caregivers, Bri and Sandra. During the worship hour ages 0-2 remain in the baby nursery for free play, song, scripture, and snack and the 2-4 year olds enjoy Sunday School with our amazing team of volunteer Sunday School teachers!

This space is still available for meeting use – just check with Becky in the church office.

Foundation Hall

If you hang a right out of the nurseries and walk all the way down the hall and down the stairs, you’ll enter our Foundation Hall.  Over the summer, the Undercroft area (under the sanctuary) was renamed “Foundation Hall.”  In addition to being home to our choirs and Shepherds Center, our children’s Sunday school classes have been moved from the “L” Building here, and are now meeting in rooms dedicated solely for this purpose.  As with the new nursery areas, this area makes it easier for parents to pick up their children and go to worship. Foundation Hall is quite the hub of activity on any Sunday morning with the choir singing nearby and our children learning the “foundational” stories of our faith.


Change is happening both inside and outside our wonderful church.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition, and many thanks to members of the Buildings & Grounds, Welcoming, Christian Formation and Capital Campaign Ministry Teams for spearheading these efforts.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the chairs of these ministry teams, as well as Steve and Grace.  Thank you!