The Building & Grounds Ministry Team would like to bring the congregation up to date on a concern centered and surrounding our Memorial Garden outside the Cloister.

  • The current garden is overgrown and greatly impacting our walls and structures of the church.
  • The garden walls are stained with mildew and need to be cleaned.
  • The current irrigation system, although not running now, does put out entirely too much water for this existing space.
  • We need to analyze the gutters and downspouts that impact this garden area. They are clogged and causing excess water to build up in these gardens.     

We are all extremely aware of the purpose, and peaceful solitude that this beautiful garden space has offered many for the placing of their beloved.  This is a delicate matter and we want to make sure everyone knows the reason for our action, but also we want you to be aware of our prayerful consideration and care as we approach the next steps.

Please know that the Memorial Garden will live on.  The wall plaque honoring love ones will be polished as will the bench memorials as we move forward.

Our plan is this:

  • We must remove the existing plants in order to repair wood rot and modify the sprinkler system. We will only use drip irrigation in the future. 
  • The future plantings will be smaller and less impactful into the church structures; ie: walls, drain pipes, and electrical conduits.
  • The team we have selected to do the work is very aware of the sacred space that they will be working in. They have been instructed to use caution and care when removing shrubs and trees so that most of the earth will remain in the beds.  They will also be adding new soil that will be enriched in preparation for a fall planting when the temperature is appropriate for planting.

The timing for this work is critical.  Our new front entrance with the addition of new parking spaces, as well as the construction of the Columbarium space is well under way, and addressing the Memorial Garden needs must take place during this phase of our Campaign.

It also is not out of the realm of thinking that this new parking area might draw more foot traffic through and around the Memorial Garden.  We would want this space to look inviting but still solemn as a place for prayer. 

In a nutshell, the Memorial Garden needs to be refreshed.  And the time is now!

Members of the B&G Ministry Team are available to discuss the removal plan as well as the proposed new planting scheme. 

Thank you for your prayers and trust as we move forward to enhance this beautiful space that we all hold close to our hearts.

Dale Sarjeant,
Chair, Buildings & Grounds Ministry Team