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  • Jamie Blount, Daniel King, Allison Porter       This is higher than it looks….I always wondered what this would feel like. I have to say, presenting my homily is a little intimidating, following in the footsteps of so many amazing past seniors. I think it’s important... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Luke 24: 36-48; Psalm 4: 4-8) So our scripture today from the gospel of Luke begins rather awkwardly: While they were talking about this…. That’s how it starts. And so right off the bat there’s more we don’t know than we do. We know there’s some talking going on. But we don’t... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Luke 24: 13-35) Easter Sunday Some of the best stories start out in the most nondescript of ways: Two of them were walking to Emmaus is how today’s story begins. We don’t know who these two were; there aren’t any names given. And we’re not even really sure where Emmaus was; ... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Luke 22: 14-27) Maundy Thursday The table had been prepared for them – Prepared as tables all across that great city, on that special night. Passover had arrived, as every year, Reminding them again of the narrative of their liberation And the nation they would soon beco... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley Psalm 137: 1-4; John 4: 5-30) A conversation. That’s where it all began. That’s where it usually begins, right? From the very first moment of creation, we were made to be in communion with one other. Relational beings. Our very survival as a species depends on our ability to h... [read more]