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  • Psalm 137: 1-9; Mark 11: 15-18(Steve Lindsley)So let’s not mince words, shall we?  The writer of the 137th Psalm certainly doesn’t.This is a hard Psalm.  And that last verse is reprehensible.  And there’s really no rationalizing away these words.  The Psalmist certainly doesn’t.  There’s no redempti... [read more]
  • I'm pleased to share that Jodi Martin has been unanimously approved by Session to be our new part-time Director of Christian Formation and Youth! Jodi brings three decades of experience in Christian Formation and Youth ministries with churches in Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia. She holds a Maste... [read more]
  • Steve Lindsley (Psalm 13) It happens so often that we barely even notice it. You meet someone in the course of your day. You make eye contact.  They ask, how are you doing?  And you say, Fine! It’s the standard exchange, right?  How are you doing?  Fine.  Even if you’re not really “fine.”... [read more]