You love this church and God invites us to share in ministry that are life-giving and meaningful to you. We want to help with that! Let us help you At Trinity, we want to help you discover how best to use the gifts God has given you. 

Let us introduce Trinity’s Ministry Match tool. In just three minutes you can be matched with ministry opportunities to serve your interests, skills, passions, and preferences.  It’s simple!

Tips for taking the Ministry Match tool:

  1. Respond honestly and remove any “I should’s” from your mind! There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, just preferences and inclinations. 
  2. Try to avoid “middle of the road” answers because they won’t be as helpful in matching you to potential opportunities.

Next Steps: 

You’ve taken the survey – what’s next? 

  1. You will receive an email with your results after you receive an email with your results, read more about the ministries you matched with. 
  2. Contact a leader to learn more information. If your survey results included some exciting opportunities, contact a pastor (link contact page!).  You can schedule a no-strings-attached conversation to learn more.
  3. The pastor will connect you with the Ministry Team and leader over your match so that you can get involved as soon as you’d like.