One Christmas many years ago, a Sunday School teacher furnished small wooden shapes, including stars, as a project in her Sunday School class. She encouraged the boys and girls to make ornaments for their Christmas trees. That’s how the tradition of gifting Christmas stars to the children of Trinity all began.

Those boys and girls are now adults with grown children of their own. Receiving a star at Christmastime has remained a yearly tradition at Trinity for generations. Through the years, stars created from all sorts of materials have appeared on Christmas Eve for the children. Sometimes, they are “store-bought.”  Sometimes, they are handmade. From a fine porcelain star to one folded of newspaper, it is always a surprise to see a new twist on this sweet gift each year.

In 2020, many events have been reconfigured or postponed. However, the gifting of Christmas stars continued. This year’s star has a special nod to Trinity’s history. Each one is covered in cloth from the golden dossal curtain which hung behind the cross in our sanctuary since the time it was built. The curtain had to be replaced due to age, but this is a wonderful use for the remnants of such a beloved part of our church.