How do I find out about the policies of the school?

A Parent Handbook is available online for each of our families. If questions arise, please feel free to contact the director for clarification.

Download the 2015/2016 Parent Handbook in .PDF format here.

Where am I supposed to park each morning/afternoon?

All parents of toddlers and twos are asked to park in the “back” parking lot behind Sanctuary and Main church administration building. We ask that you walk your child to/from the classroom each day. Parents of threes, fours and TK children may use the combined carpool line in the morning and in the afternoon. It is very important for the safety of all children that parents of the younger children DO NOT PARK near the carpool line.

Where do I make my monthly tuition payment?

We highly encourage all families to use our Tuition Express (automatic draft) Plan. It is extremely safe. All withdrawals are made on the 10th of each month. If you prefer to write checks to Trinity Presbyterian Weekday School, that is fine. Checks may be mailed to the school, brought into the assistant director’s office, or placed in the drop box outside our weekday school office.

Are there any suggestions on what to pack in the lunchbox?

At Trinity, our teachers and friends enjoy each other’s company at lunch. We ask that you send a nutritious lunch that is cut up appropriately for your child’s needs. We want your child to be as self-sufficient as possible and feel successful at lunchtime. Small plastic containers are very helpful for the younger children. A freezer pack is highly recommended for keeping your lunch at a safe temperature since we are not able to refrigerate your lunch. If you have specific questions, talk with your child’s teacher for her recommendations. We do have several children within our school who have food allergies, and we will ask for your assistance in keeping our classroom safe for these special needs.

I want to volunteer my time at the preschool. How?

We are thrilled to have our parents be involved in our school. You can help in many ways…making play dough, developing photographs, cutting flannel board pieces, shelving our teacher library books, and assisting the teachers with specific classroom needs. Our parent organization, the Parent Support Team (PST), meets every other month, just after drop-off. This organization is chaired by a very dedicated parent who organizes our various volunteer opportunities for the parents. We need help with several of our annual events, such as the Wreath Sale, Cardinal Lane Book Fair, Teacher Appreciation, and our End of the Year Family Picnic. Each year we will also participate in community outreach projects such as Crisis Assistance Ministry and the Central Avenue Bilingual Preschool.

How is communication handled at Trinity?

Open communication is a vital part of any school. It is necessary between all groups: children, parents, teachers, administration, and the WDS ministry team/church. Just as we stress to our children each day to “use your words” and talk with each other, we welcome your thoughts/comments at any time. Please feel free to stop by the Weekday School office at any time.

Family folders are located outside of each of the toddler and twos classrooms. It is your responsibility to check this folder daily regarding happenings around the school or in your child’s classroom. Please make this a habit so that you might be fully informed about our program. Our three, four and five year old children have a folder that will be brought home each day and then returned to school the following day. Please encourage your child to be responsible for his/her folder.

What is a typical day like in my child’s classroom?

A daily schedule will be posted outside of each classroom. You will be given a copy of this schedule at the beginning of each school year. We believe that by following a daily routine for the children we help them feel most secure while in our care. A typical preschool day will have a mixture of quiet/active play, a combination of teacher/child directed activities, and will use both the inside and outside for learning opportunities. At Trinity we are very blessed with large classrooms, wonderful Rainy Day spaces (including a designated wood-working room), three age-appropriate playgrounds, and beautiful open grounds perfect for picnics and nature walks. We offer various enrichment classes beginning in October.

Is there a Summer Program at Trinity?

Yes! A Summer Program is offered each year. Typically, this optional program is offered for 4 weeks beginning in early June. We offer a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (3 day) option per week for children who are rising into a 2’s class through 1st grade. Priority is given to those children who attend Trinity Presbyterian Weekday School; however, space is often available for families in the Charlotte community to join in on our fun. Each four hour day (9-1) is packed full of exciting summertime activities!

What can I do NOW to show my support for Trinity Weekday School?

Our school participates in the “Together in Education” program offered through Harris Teeter to local schools in our community. Our assigned number is #4936. You must renew each year beginning in August. At the checkout, ask your cashier to Link your VIC card to our school or link online at www.harristeeter.com. It only takes a few minutes and it is very beneficial to our school in the form of quarterly monetary checks.