FEES AND TUITION – 2016/2017

Monthly Tuition 
*Activity fees are included in monthly tuition.

 Toddlers  MWF $295  TTH  $260
 MW $260
 Twos  MWF  $290  TWTh  $290
 TTh   $255
 Threes MWF  $300
 M-Th  $345  M-F  $380
 Fours  M-Th  $345  M-F  $380
 TK  M-F  $405

Registration Fee

A fee is required for each child and is due at the time of registration (maximum of $220 per family).
Trinity Presbyterian Church member      $100
Non-church member                             $110

If all requested classes are full at time of registration, your child will be placed on a waiting list, and the registration fee will be refunded.