Our 2020 Vision


Imagine: what if we could travel in a time machine to the year 2020 and make our way to 3115 Providence Road?

What might Trinity look like in 2020?
What new and exciting ministry initiatives would define us?
In what ways would our church address not just current opportunities/needs, but future ones?
In what ways would Trinity be an “indispensable community presence?”

At its heart, our 2020 Vision is about dreaming up and bringing to fruition – with God’s help – the best version of our church.  Created jointly by the session-appointed Long Range Planning Task Force (Walter Reid, Donnie Bobbitt, Laura-Nelle Hurst, Dale Sarjeant, Tony Arey, Louise Sanford, Clinton Chandler and Pete Mazeine) and pastors Steve Lindsley and Grace Lindvall in early 2016, it was later approved by session in June of that year.  Our 2020 Vision is not wishful thinking – it is attainable through hard work by staff and lay leaders alike, outside-the-box thinking and innovation, and a firm commitment to forever following the Spirit’s guidance and leading.

In early 2017, Steve and Grace preached a sermon series on each of the five guiding principles (which you can access in our sermon archives).  Members of our session and ministry teams gathered at our annual session retreat to create action steps for each year leading up to 2020 to bring this vision to fruition. As with any vision, there is more to come.

Building on Trinity’s strong historical foundation, our 2020 Vision will fundamentally transform our congregation; helping us live into our mission statement to “grow together and welcome all” in our neighborhood, our community and city, and our world – for the year 2020, and well beyond.