At Trinity, we support three core mission areas: hunger, homelessness and education. Our Mission and Outreach Ministry Team is in contact with our mission partners to learn how we can support them in the months ahead in light of coronavirus concerns. Below are special prayers that you can also use to support our mission partners:

Join us as we pray for our friends at Supportive Housing Communities:

Holy God,
We give you thanks for all who are serving those in need of shelter through Supportive Housing Communities. God, you have called us to care for those who live on the margins of society, to show hospitality to strangers, and to seek justice for the most vulnerable.  Thank you for the energy, compassion, and strength of those who work for SHC; thank you for their persistence in providing shelter and safety to those who find themselves homeless and food insecure. God of justice, help SHC locate the necessary resources, donations and connections so that we may all care for those in our city. During this pandemic, be with the residents of McCreesh Place and St. Johns Place, that they may feel safe and stay healthy. Open the hearts and eyes of those of us with blessings to share. Help us not be hypocrites of lip service but the disciples of action. Keep our hearts soft enough to keep hearing the cry of the hungry and the homeless. We pray for more caring hands, for more affordable housing, for more people of faith willing to put their faith into action, and for all of your children, O God, to feel safe, warm, and loved.
In Jesus’ name, Amen

Join us as we pray for our friends at Urban Ministry Center:

Holy God,
We give you thanks for all who are serving those in need through the important work of Urban Ministries. We pray for those who are most at risk during this pandemic—the homeless, the unemployed, the sick, and the food insecure. Thank you for the patience, creativity, and courage of those at Urban Ministries caring for these populations and their dedication to serving others. Help them find the necessary resources, receive support from others, and connect with those in our city who can provide help. Give them support for the emotional and psychological help as they face vulnerable populations.
Open the hearts and eyes of those of us with blessings to share. Thank you, O God, for the gifts you have given the leaders and staff of Urban Ministries and help them to be our teachers as we support the food insecure and homeless. Remind us that we cannot rest fully secure in our homes each night until all your children are, at last, home.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Join us as we pray for our friends at Nations Ford Elementary:

Holy God,
In this time of social distance and illness, we pray for our mission partners at Trinity. We pray, O Lord, that we can be good friends to them, listening and supporting them in this new normal. Today, O Lord, listen to us as we pray for our friends at Nations Ford Elementary, the students, teachers, and administrators. We give you thanks for all who are working hard to continue the learning of their students and supporting this school. We pray for all students who are struggling with digital learning and the parents and caregivers who are supporting them. We pray for those who are lonely, those dealing with illness, and those struggling to make sense of our current situation. O God, we pray for creativity for the teachers, patience and energy as they try to connect with their students in this new normal. Be with this community, for all who are food insecure, those who lack technological resources and support, and those facing economic difficulty. Help us grow our relationship with them in the weeks and months ahead so that we may know their needs and be in community together. May we all embrace this new pace, and find peace. Comfort those who lead the children that they may respond with strength and grace. Help us to give ourselves compassion and grace and listen for your still calm voice. Guide us into Your ways of peace, for all our hearts.