Session Photo and Names

The Session

Phil Blount
Jeremy Mobley
Eric McGovern
Brent Mullis

Sherese Smith
Mike Campbell
Sarah Henry
Fran Worthington
Claire Etheridge
Steve Griffie

Meredith Thompson
Henry Pickett
Laura-Nelle Parnell Hurst
Kathleen Schneider
Eric Banks

Steve Lindsley, Moderator
Nancy Williams, Clerk of Session

Asst. Clerk of Session: Fran Worthington
Cookie Parnell, Treasurer



Ministry Teams and Chairs

Personnel (Phil Blount)
Finance (Jeremy Mobley and Louise Sanford)
Buildings and Grounds (Dale Sarjeant)
Stewardship (Brent Mullis)

Christian Formation (Sherese Smith and Mike Campbell)
Youth (Josh Durham)
Worship (Sarah Henry and Fran Worthington)
Weekday School (Amy Shook)

Mission and Outreach (Meredith Thompson and Henry Pickett)
Congregational Life (Laura-Nelle Parnell Hurst and Kathleen Schneider)
Welcoming (Debbie Thompson)
Communications (Cookie Parnell)