After being well-received last year, the Worship Ministry Team is pleased to share that we’ll be returning to the Fellowship Hall for Sunday worship during the months of June and July.  Please come as you are!

What time will worship be?

Worship will remain at 11 a.m.

What will the service look like?

The service will be the same as what we’re used to in the Sanctuary.  Worshippers will be welcome to dress casually.

What will the space look like?

Like last year, chairs will be set up at the front of the Fellowship Hall.  A “prayground” will also be included for families with very young children.  The “stage” will be set up for Sunday worship.

Will the service be broadcast?

We plan on doing a “stripped down” broadcast of the service that can be viewed at the Watch Worship page of our website, as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Will there be a nursery?

Due to requests from some of our parents with young children, the Worship Ministry Team is exploring the possibility of providing a nursery.

What if I have other questions?

Please see any member of the Worship Ministry Team – Mike Campbell, Janet Sarjeant, Gina Nielsen, Mary Glenn, Debbie Thompson, or Steve Lindsley.