The Mission and Outreach Ministry Team is excited to announce Trinity’s Little Free Pantry on Providence Road near the bus stop. This kind of outreach has appeared in many neighborhoods and churches, and Presbyterian Mission highlighted some of these ministries in an article this past April.

Hunger programs for the food insecure are a primary outreach for Trinity’s members, but as the article reminds us “There’s a lot of people that are significantly impacted by this (pandemic), and so any help that we can give to our neighbors, we should give to our neighbors, and our neighbors are everyone.”

Even as volunteer opportunities with our mission partners at Trinity have changed during the pandemic, the Mission and Outreach Ministry Team continues to address one of our main areas of focus: hunger. We may never know who our recipients are, so we’d like to adopt a theme for this pantry that ANYONE can give or take to help the food insecure. Our ministry team will keep the pantry stocked with a consistent list of items. 

All pantry items must be:
Shelf-stable (non-perishable)
Able to withstand high/low temperatures and temperature changes

As Kate Johnson so beautifully painted on the outside, we are Growing Together and Welcoming All, and this pantry is a visual reminder that to share our resources with all.