It’s that time of year again! Tomatoes, turnips, and potatoes in our Friendship Garden are growing week by week with an abundance of sun and rain. Our Trinity volunteers tend the garden, weed, and in the coming weeks will start delivering fresh produce to Friendship Trays.

Trinity has sponsored a Friendship Garden the past eight years. We donated nearly 1,000 pounds of vegetables to Friendship Trays last year. The organization makes and delivers meals to those who are unable to prepare their own because of age, illness or infirmity. Trinity ranks second in the amount of produce donated within a network of more than 125 Friendship Gardens in Mecklenburg County. It’s one way we carry out our mission of fighting hunger in our community.

The Friendship Garden network requires organic produce, which means no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. This method results in wholesome vegetables for the recipients with no worry about consumption of potentially harmful chemicals.

Trinity is blessed with a site to be envied for our garden. There’s plenty of sunshine and excellent drainage. We added compost and other nutrients over the years resulting in soil that is ideal for growing vegetables.  We typically grow kale, tomatoes, turnips, potatoes, and several varieties of squash and cucumbers. Trinity also helps the local honeybee population by supporting our own beehives. The beehives foster good pollination for the garden.

We would love your help to continue our partnership with Friendship Trays in this meaningful way. Helpers usually volunteer for a week of weeding and harvesting, which requires two or three days of commitment.

Volunteering is a great learning experience for people of all ages. Children love it when they realize vegetables aren’t grown at the grocery store. If you’re a novice, you will learn as you go.

As one volunteer said, “There is something spiritual about watching food grow from seeds to harvest.” What better way to be an up-close and personal participant in God’s creation?

For more information on volunteering, click here. 


Tomatoes growing

Tomatoes are a favorite to grow!

Volunteers have fun tending the garden.