A Welcome Message

A Welcome Message

Our church family actively seeks to welcome all, and to acknowledge and embrace the rich diversity of God’s human creation. Trinity welcomes all sexual orientations and gender identities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transpeople to our faith community. We affirm that all God’s people should be included in our church life and ministry.

Trinity welcomes you wherever you are in your faith journey. If you have been hurt by the church, been marginalized by the church, if you doubt, if you have been a lifelong church member, are full of faith;  you are welcome here and we hope to make you feel welcome in Trinity’s family of faith.

We believe that it is impossible to live out Christ’s purpose, as individuals and as the church, without being fully open and inclusive, following the example Christ set for us.

We hope to emulate Christ by celebrating you just as God created you, so that we might be made richer through the gifts only you have to offer. In return, we hope to live out our responsibility, as the body of Christ, to nurture you in a safe, embracing environment, so that you might grow spiritually and experience the authentic love of God through a community of affirming followers of Christ.

Trinity Presbyterian is growing together, welcoming all

Growing together, welcoming all!