What Presbyterians Believe and Do

What We Believe And Do

At Trinity we strive to be both believers and followers of Jesus Christ. So we don’t just talk about what we believe, but also what we do. Our faith always finds a particular way of being expressed and lived out in the world.

We believe in the Triune God – God who creates, Jesus who redeems, and the Holy Spirit who sustains us.

We believe that the Bible tells the story – both past, present and future – of the never-ending journey of God and God’s people in the world.

We believe that, despite our best intentions, we fall short of who God calls us to be – we call this “sin.” And yet, we believe God never gives up on us, so that grace brings us back into relationship together.

Because of this, we believe that our response is to seek justice and reconciliation in the world, so that we may share God’s love for all with everyone.

We invite you to watch four ten-minute videos from theocademy.com by clicking on the players to the right, to gain further insight into what it means to be Presbyterian in our 21st century world.