As part of our 2020 theme, #ConnectTPC, we are launching a new sermon series called: Connecting with our Neighbor. Some of the questions we hope to explore in this sermon series include:

  • Who is our neighbor?  (it can be our literal neighbor, or someone far away, someone not like us, etc)
  • How should connecting with God and connecting with our church family lead us to connect with our neighbor?  Why should we want to do this?
  • What are the obstacles to connecting with our neighbor, and how does our faith call us to see them and overcome them?

Join us September 20 & 27, and October 4 & 11 as we learn more about Connecting with our Neighbor together!

Connecting with our Neighbor ties into the other areas of #ConnectTPC which we have explored throughout 2020. We have previously delved into Connecting with God, and Connecting with our Church Family. It’s all part of our emphasis to connect our congregation in these areas with intention and purpose.

Despite living in a society with so much technology designed to connect us, we are growing more disconnected. Studies show that people feel lonelier, more isolated, and more detached. Divisions in our nation and among the human race are deep. Some say this disconnect and divide are the greatest challenges of our society and of the church. We agree.

Simply being “in the same space” on Sunday mornings does not automatically connect us. Connection needs to be a more intentional, thoughtful act. We hope these deeper connections to God, church family and neighbors will inform and enhance our ministries and programs, including worship, preaching, Christian Formation, mission and congregational life.